Vehicle Diagnostics In Whittlesey

If your vehicle is showing any signs of diagnostics problems, bring it to the fully equipped garage at Briggate Service Garage Ltd. We offer diagnostic services for all makes and models of cars.


Diagnostics for your vehicle

Is your vehicle consuming more fuel than normal? Is your engine overheating on a regular basis? Perhaps your dashboard is showing warning symbols you are not familiar with. These are common problems that can occur with your vehicle, but that doesn't mean you have to accept them, there could be something seriously wrong with it.

At Briggate Service Garage Ltd, our experienced mechanics will be able to identify any diagnostic problem your vehicle may have and be able to fix it for you on-site.

Diagnostics Test
Diagnostic checks

Using the latest diagnostics equipment

At Briggate Service Garage Ltd, we use the latest technology in vehicle diagnostic test equipment to accurately identify the problem. Our diagnostic checklists have been designed to make sure that all essential parts are thoroughly checked. In addition to diagnostics, we also offer tyre repairs.


Our car diagnostics cover:

  • Engine faults

  • Lighting faults

  • Fuel pressure and flow

  • electronic and mechanical faults

  • Ignition faults

  • Steering faults

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